PERIMETER ETSI and Plenary Meeting – February 2011

PERIMETER’s tenth plenary meeting will take place in Sophia Antipolis in France on 9-10 February 2011. This meeting, the first in 2011 for the PERIMETER consortium, will be mainly dedicated to final developments and integration work of the PERIMETER system and to general project issues as the project nears its end. Eileen Dillon will represent WIT at this meeting.
Immediately preceding this meeting, on February 8th 2011, the PERIMETER consortium will hold a full‐day workshop in close collaboration with ETSI – HF (European Telecommunications Standards Institute – Human Factors) in order to discuss standardisation issues related to seamless user‐centric mobility.
The workshop will be sponsored by PERIMETER and is organised by PERIMETER partner Blekinge Tekniska Högskola (BTH), Sweden, together with the project leader GFI, Spain/Belgium. The outcomes from this workshop will be extremely important for the definition of the future direction of the concepts and developments of the PERIMETER project.

PERIMETER mHealth Paper features in GoMo News

An article on PERIMETER and the application of the devloped technology has been picked up by the leading social media news site for the mobile industry, GoMo News.
This article relates to the PERIMETER paper entitled “Seamless Mobile Communications for mHealth” which was published in the Journal of eHealth Technology and Application in 2010.
This paper, authored by Gemma Power, Eileen Dillon and Frances Cleary Grant, examines the use of mobile devices and technologies within the PERIMETER project in providing seamless mobile communications for mHealth. In particular, PERIMETER makes use of smart phones with intelligent sensors with sensing capabilities such as GPS location, proximity and accelerometers to create a mobile wireless sensor network to ensure sensitive health related information can be transferred in a seamless and timely fashion across different selected high quality network connections.