PERIMETER Flash Demonstration

The PERIMETER team have uploaded a flash demonstration of a scenario that the final system could be used for. This scenario tries to describe an hypothetical use-case of the PERIMETER system from the user point of view.
This and other scenarios were derived using following a top-down methodology: after a brainstorming phase, where each partner provided a description of a use case, or usage scenario, for the PERIMETER infrastructure, seen as the optimal output of the entire project. The scenarios were then analyzed and their main elements integrated into three different overall scenarios.
The first scenario entitled ‘user-centric agnostic ubiquitous communication’ considers an always best connected user that roams between different technologies and operators. This is now available from the official PERIMETER website.
The other scenarios are involved in areas such as Emergency Situation / Health care
Community Networks and Collaborative WiFi Coverage Detection and Optimisation. A visualisation of these further scenarios will be made available soon.