D8.3 – Dissemination and Exploitation Plan Available

PERIMETER’s Dissemination and Exploitation Plan (D8.3) is available for download from the Documents section on the PERIMETER website. Download the PDF here. This deliverable was edited by partners FHV and contributed to by Eileen Dillon on behalf of TSSG-WIT.
The purpose of this report is to clarify and focus the dissemination activities of PERIMETER as part of the work for Work Package 8. The dissemination plan comprises the detailed planning of these activities.
The plan is key to the successful dissemination of PERIMETER, its is comprehensive and well-structured and provides a clear understanding of the target groups and the actions needed to approach them. It focuses on the results the project has achieved and makes appropriate provisions for results to be disseminated as widely and effective as possible.
This document was delivered in Month 12 of the project, May 2009.

D6.1 – Federated Testbeds Diagram and Description Report available

PERIMETER’s Federated Testbeds Diagram & Description Report (D6.1) is available for download from the Documents section of the PERIMETER website. Download the PDF here.
This deliverable was edited and led by Eileen Dillon, Frances Cleary Grant and Miguel Ponce de Leon from TSSG-WIT.
This deliverable provides a detailed description of each of the main official PERIMETER testbeds and the technologies and services they can provide and bring to the PERIMETER project for the preliminary, intermediate and final testbed deployment phases of the project. The testbeds are used to effectively validate and demonstrate the results of the PERIMETER project. The involvement of Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT) and Technical University of Berlin (TUB) testbeds in this goal is achieved in Work Package 6 of the project, which led by TSSG-WIT.
The deliverable also addresses the changing initial preliminary scenario as it matures from Phase I through to Phase III, incorporating and conveying additional PERIMETER
innovations, in the long term working towards a real live and fully displayable PERIMETER demonstrator in the final testbed deployment. Adopting a scenario based approach in a research project of course has a knock on effect of the need for applications to support and implement such a scenario. The deliverable also provides you with an overview of the specific applications required for each major testbed milestone.
Detailing the intermediate and final testbeds initial deployment in this deliverable provides the chance to take a step back and view the bigger picture of the overall development, implementation and integration aspects of the PERIMETER project. This deliverable works towards identifying and detailing the benchmarks necessary for the validation of such a scenario in the defined testbeds, with supporting test cases and statistics measurements.
Deliverable D6.1 also provides a concise guide for all testbed and testing related tools that will be adopted and used within the two official PERIMETER testbeds. Such tools like TRAC and HUDSON will be used to support the integration, validation and verification process. A reference guide for these, and other tools, is also made available.
This document was delivered in Month 12 of the project, May 2009.

TSSG and PERIMETER at EU Future Internet Assembly

The TSSG had a strong delegation at the Future Internet Assembly (FIA) conference in Prague 10th-13th May 2009. Willie Donnelly, Director of the TSSG, was the Irish national delegate at the meeting on national Future Internet initiatives. The TSSG presented at a permanent stand at the event highlighting interim results of selected current projects, including PERIMETER.
Partners, TUB, Traffix and GFI, attended the event on behalf of the PERIMETER consortium, participating in the Future Internet Socio-Economics (FISE) Session in the Future Internet Conference. Here, the user-centric networking paradigm introduced by PERIMETER was explained and the implications on socio-economics and identity management for the Future Internet were opened to discussion after a brief overview.