TSSG & PERIMETER Meeting held over Conferencing System

The scheduled PERIMETER Development and Integration meeting, which was due to take place at partner WIT’s ArcLabs building on the TSSG Carriganore Campus from 21 – 23rd April 2010 had to be cancelled due to the issues with flight restrictions imposed as a result of the volcanic ash problem from Iceland.
Instead, the meeting took place over video conferencing. The system used was the WebEx system which was supplied by our Telefonica partners. The WebEx tool allow the team to share and present presentations, applications, real-time desktop. The tool allows sharing with phone conferencing so everyone sees the same thing while you talk. This system proved very productive and successful and the meeting progressed according to its scheduled agenda.
Important decisions were made in relation to Phase 2 of the project; the action flow for this “Emergency Service Enhancement Scenario” where decided upon, the changes to the architecture and interfaces between the components were defined and the code base was regenerated and integrated to include these new changes. This work has allowed the development and coding for the functionalities for this scenario to begin!