PERIMETER contribute to Think-Trust’s Public Consultation

The PERIMETER project recently contributed to the Think-Trust Public Consultation Research Checklist process.
The Think-Trust project has identified an interim set of research challenges that require attention in order to provide trustworthy hardware and software for the Information Society. These research challenges stem from the four priority areas identified in Recommendation 1 of the RISEPTIS Report.
Think-Trust are seeking input and comment on these interim research challenges from the wider trust and security communities and asked for some contribution from the PERIMETER project. The feedback which PERIMETER has provided will contribute to the final Think-Trust Recommendations Report (D3.1C), due for publication in June, 2010.
PERIMETER partners University of Geneva (experts in trust management) and TSSG contributed to this on behalf of the PERIMETER project.
If you would also like to contribute to this process, please see the Think-Trust project for more detail.