PERIMETER contributes to FIRE whitepaper

PERIMETER is one of the First Wave of FIRE Projects established under FP7. As apart of FIRE we were invited to contribute to the FIRE whitepaper. On behalf of the PERIMETER consortium Eileen Dillon and Gemma Power from the Waterford Institute of Technology (TSSG division) Ireland and Martin Dobler from FH Vorarlberg Austria (FHV) contributed to this paper entitled “Experimentally driven research white paper: On the existence of experimentally-driven research methodology” which has now been published by the FIREworks Support Action.
The whitepaper attempts to scope the area of experimentally driven research by proposing a methodology and related terminology that should help research in the ICT domain to understand how this methodology can be applied. The PERIMETER consortium contributed their view on testing and experimentation methodologies regarding the validation of the innovative aspects of the project and the employment of a user-driven approach.
The whitepaper can be found on the FIRE website.