PERIMETER at FIREweek 2010

Next week will be a busy one for the PERIMETER consortium!
First, we have the second year review for the project and then it is straight onto the Future Internet Research and Experimentation (FIRE) event in Barcelona, Spain.
The review will take place at PERIMETER partner’s GFI offices in Barcelona on Tuesday 29th June 2010.
FIREweek 2010 takes place in Barcelona, Spain at the Communication Campus of the Universitat Pompeu Fabra.
Members of PERIMETER will attend the FIRE event, taking place on 30 June – 1 July.
Members of PERIMETER will take part in the Brokerage Event on 30th June. The brokerage event is being organised within the framework of the FIREweek 2010 in order to bring together representatives from the ongoing FIRE projects and other participants. The aim of the meetings is to discuss future collaboration in the forthcoming FP7 Calls, Technology Transfer agreements, etc. Please find the catalogue for the project profiles and representatives here. If you would like to meet with any of the PERIMETER team, you will need to register your interest here before June 27th so the meeting can be set up in time. We would be delighted to meet with you in this regard.